Beauty & Business Mix

Beauty & Business Mix

Mixing Beauty & Business

We’ve all heard about the term ‘mixing business and pleasure’.  It is a viable way of keeping the stress at bay for many business men and women and even those in a 9-5 job who enjoy little perks here and there from time to time.

This work or business habit is the inspiration behind Kormade’s Business Partnership offer.  Women and even men nowadays spend so much of their monthly income on skin care with the objective of looking young and healthy as they face everyday endeavors.  Many women of course find that cosmetics products are a necessity in daily living.  So why not spend, look good and earn at the same time?

Kormade, a Korean skin care and cosmetic manufacturer and importer present in various international locations is currently offering a Business Partnership Program that is geared towards achieving those beauty and business goals.  Kormade, offers imported Korean skin care and cosmetic products on a wholesale basis for anyone who wants to register as a Business Partner. Wholesale prices go as low as 70% allowing a Business Partner to resell products at par with online and retail outlet prices.  And since Business Partners get products on a wholesale basis, in volumes, this can be part of their daily or weekly beauty regimen as well.

Kormade encourages its Business Partner to be ambassadors of the product essentially using it themselves and speak about its effectiveness on a first hand basis.  Giving customers and potential buyers enough confidence and trust in the products authenticity and quality.  No need to hard sell.  In fact, as part of the Business Partner program, Kormade ensures that registered Business Partners are provided with consistent updates on available products, consumer tips, how to use tips as well as other beauty and business tips and tools.

Becoming a Kormade Business Partner is fairly easy, simply register at or @KormadePh on Facebook or send an email to  Registration is absolutely FREE! Simply choose from the available Business Starter Kits that starts at a budget friendly price of $19.5 or PhP 1000 in the Philippines and voila! Start getting that Beauty and Business mix goal up to speed!

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