Kormade products reviewed! Find out why you should try it too.

Kormade products reviewed! Find out why you should try it too.

Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers have tried Kormade products and here’s why you should too!

Korean made skin care products are popular globally and most especially in Asian countries like the Philippines.   Aside from the quality and export standards imposed by the Korean government, most Korean skin care products are organic, GMO and cruelty free and made of natural ingredients and formulation that are safe for long term use.  While there are hundreds if not thousands of Korean brands out there, only a few are approved by the FDA and of high quality enough to be made available in popular retail outlets such as Watsons Philippines.  You can be assured that Kormade products are one of the few.

Kormade Philipines’ products are available in Watson’s and Lazada on a retail basis.  Recently, Kormade introduced a new buyers model offering the same quality products for wholesalers exclusively for distributors at a very affordable starter kit prices. Kormade’s flagship products in the Philippines include  Eres Tu Sun Cream, Eres Tu Peptide Special BB Cream, Eres Tu Restorative Day & Night Cream, Eres Tu Brightening Complex Sun Cream, Blemish / Age Concealing Day Cream and Reborn BB Cream.

These products are exclusively distributed by Kormade on wholesale and Watsons / Lazada on retail.  Learn more about these products from Philippine Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers who actually tried it and find out why these are unique :











What makes Kormade even more unique is the availability of these products in starter kit bundles.  You can get it for personal use at bulk to avail of the discounted rates and ensure that you never run out of your beauty regimen stock or start your own online dealership business and resell at retail prices. It is absolutely the ultimate #BeautyandGoal!

Get your monthly supply of start your own dealership through Kormade.  Sign up here or email us at hello@kormade.com.ph


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