About Us

Kormade Philippines is part of an international distribution team of importers of high quality Korean made beauty, skin care and fashion line. We are a wholesale online shopping platform dedicated in providing business opportunities for Filipino’s.

Our motivation in creating this site is to provide both beauty and business opportunities by offering our products to exclusive Business Partnersand allowing them to resell our products through or on-line and offline mediums.

By becoming a Business Partner, you will have access to distribute quality products at a wholesale rate so you can resell our products with a mark-up price that is at par with retail prices minus the cost of shipping or purchasing the products directly from South Korea.
We are committed in providing our Business Partners with beauty and business tips, guides and continuous product updates to help you grow their business exponentially

We provide 100% Authentic Korean made products carefully tested, selected and evaluated to ensure that our Business Partners offer only quality products that are worth distributing.

Kormade.com.ph is owned and operated by SKS Innovation Corp, a fast-growing importer and developer of beauty products that aims to consistently meet the demands of the continuously changing needs and expectations of end users of cosmetics, skin & hair care, health products, fashion, technology and home care.  We are duly approved the Philippine FDA to ensure that we offer only high-quality products imported from Korea.

Our Core Values

SKS Innovation Corp. is a Philippine-Korean business collaboration.  We incorporate both Korean and Filipino core values that promote best business practices and high-qualityproducts contributing to the welfare of our immediate, as well as, the greater community we serve.

Our Vision

By relentlessly pursuing excellence in creating innovative, beyond par global-standards of quality, products that improve the overall condition of the skin, state of well-being and health with affinity to the consumer and the environment, we drive forward to:

  • Take over the greater share of the pie in Niche and Unique products in the cosmetics, skin care and fragrance market in the Philippines
  • Lead in the race for top suppliers/distributors in the market segments of health & beauty industry in Asia
  • Put our corporate name among the top list of reliable source of affordable, effective and most visually appealing products that alleviate the lives of its direct consumers.

Our Mission

As the fastest growing importer and developer of beauty products we will aspire to consistently meet the demands, continuously changing needs and expectations of end users of cosmetics, skin & hair care, wellness products that uplift the individual’s self-esteem. We endeavor to create acongenial working environment forged with Korean and Filipino values and will conduct best practices that will contribute to the welfare of our immediate, as well as, the greater community. We will build and maintain partner relationships with our international sources, consumers as well as all other stakeholders based on trust and reciprocity.

Conscious of our environmental responsibility, we will develop specific programs to preserve our natural surroundings with persistent drive to improve the aspects of our business operations directly affecting use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources.