For better skin care, know what you put on your skin.

With so many skin care products out in the market, it is very important to know what formulations and skin care components and what it can do when you make it part of your beauty regimen.  That’s why we’ve gathered uncommon names and formulations to guide you through your regimen and we are highlighting some of our unique products that you can easily get a hold off and add to your beauty and skin care routine. Beta Glucan Beta Glucan is [...]

Make Billidian Face Mask A Part Of Your Weekly Skin Care Regimen. Here’s Why!

Get to know Billidian Face Mask variants better and maximize its benefits in maintaining soft and youthful skin. There are hundreds of face mask brands available in the market today.  With so many choices, it is quite a challenge to determine which brand works for specific skin conditions therefore not being able to maximize its effects. It can be a waste of time and money to simply use brands and variants without actually knowing what it does to your skin. To [...]

Kormade products reviewed! Find out why you should try it too.

Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers have tried Kormade products and here’s why you should too! Korean made skin care products are popular globally and most especially in Asian countries like the Philippines.   Aside from the quality and export standards imposed by the Korean government, most Korean skin care products are organic, GMO and cruelty free and made of natural ingredients and formulation that are safe for long term use.  While there are hundreds if not thousands of Korean brands out [...]

Why Everyone Should Use Face Masks Regularly

If you go around in retail stores, the skin care section of any department store or even online.  You will easily find thousands of brands and variants to choose from.  However, there is a common misconception that face masks are simply for women in their late 30’s for anti-aging. With all the nutrients packed in one pouch of a face mask, beauty consultants recommend it for both men and women starting at age 25.  It is highly recommended more [...]

Beauty & Business Mix

Mixing Beauty & Business We’ve all heard about the term ‘mixing business and pleasure’.  It is a viable way of keeping the stress at bay for many business men and women and even those in a 9-5 job who enjoy little perks here and there from time to time. This work or business habit is the inspiration behind Kormade’s Business Partnership offer.  Women and even men nowadays spend so much of their monthly income on skin care with the objective of [...]